Energy Guide Labels

AHRI Website Directory: Consult this website for AHRI Certificates and Product Energy Guide Labels

To see available Energy Guide Labels, click the link above and go to the AHRI Search Webpage.

When you get to the AHRI webpage:

  1. On the top left hand side, select the drop down menu for Search Product Database.
  2. Hover over "Residential" and then select “Boilers” in the menu that pops out.
  3. Locate the "Brand Name" block and select "Williamson-Thermoflo”.
  4. Click on "Search" - You will then see all the Williamson-Thermoflo product listings.
  5. Scroll to the appropriate product.
  6. To view the AHRI Certificate, click on the blue AHRI Certified Reference Number on the left of the chart.
  7. To view the Energy Guide label, click on the yellow Energy Guide image on the far right of the chart.