OWB - Oil Fired Water Boiler Series 2

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0.70 to 1.75 GPH Input
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  • 0.70 to 1.75 GPH Input
  • Factory tested
  • Easy service
  • Swing-away burner door
  • Low draft loss
  • Top access cleanout cover
  • Plug-in wiring harness
  • High efficiency oil burner
  • Flame retention head design
  • Solenoid valve
  • PSC motor
  • Solid state ignitor
  • Rear flue outlet
  • Cast iron sections with built-in air separator
  • Insulated heavy-gauge steel jacket  
Boiler ModelBurner InputAHRI Certified RatingsMinimum Chimney Size
(x 15' High)
Heating Capacity MBH  Net Rating (water) MBHSeasonal Efficiency AFUE%
OWB-30.7098867586.48" x 8"6"
OWB-30.951331149985.08" x 8"6"
OWB-41.0014012210686.28" x 8"6"
OWB-41.2016814512685.08" x 8"6"
OWB-51.2016814712886.18" x 8"7"
OWB-51.4520317515285.08" x 8"7"
OWB-61.4019617114986.18" x 8"7"
OWB-61.7524521218485.08" x 8"7"
Williamson has determined the boilers listed below are compliant with ENERGY STAR® Program 3.0 when installed with (optional) OVD kit.
OWB-3-T-S2-D0.70988785878" x 8"6"
OWB-4-T-S2-D1.00140123107878" x 8"6"
OWB-5-T-S2-D1.20168148129878" x 8"7"
OWB-6-T-S2-D1.40196173150878" x 8"7"
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